Storm Breakers – Kica Ber (Forgiveness is good)

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014
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Storm Breakers: “This song is about the importance of forgiveness, especially after 20 years of insurgency between the Lord’s Resistance Army and Ugandan government that took place in this area. Forgiveness is good and can unite us. We should condemn discrimination by tribe or religion. We should forgive those who fight against us. Even if they cut our mouth, our arms, our ears…we should still forgive.

We appeal to our government and the entire Acholi tribe of northern Uganda to forgive our brothers who are fighting in the bush. We should reject the ICC (International Criminal Court) policy and encourage our traditional justice system and truth telling.

Together we can encourage development and rehabilitation. Acholi land is rich in culture, there is wealth through farming, we have minerals and we are peace loving people.”

Storm Breakers is a young adungu (traditional harp) duo consisting of Leekwo Michael and Wakuru Emmanuel. They are both from northern Uganda and often play together in church.

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