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Mantist Oryem
“Big luv for bringing us the best from Acholiland.”

Roselyn otim
“Pure and RAW talent… BRILLIANT and excellent…!!!!!”

Hope Ageno
“Beautiful scandal studios thanks for this missing home now (:”

“Wow! I don’t know how to thanks you Scandal Studios I recon you have than better than others who came to the region. I’ve been searching some some of these artists for years. i am glad you met them and recorded their work. i like the fact that you Recorded Opira Morise & Ogwang Clipper. I’ve always wanted to see them play their music live. Good work I love the sound qualities. Hopefully you will do more locals artist. One Love.”

francis san openy
“Great works Scandal studios…#bringing back the memories!! Never thought i would get this song…..”

“Am speechless as where all these talents emerged from…”

Serafin Ali

Moses Sei
“…Thank you very much for bringing this talent into the wider world”

“Great video, keep posting more. My family and I enjoy watching them.”

Alfred B. Labeja
“…Thank you to Scandal studios for bringing our brother [Opira] and his music to world stage…”

Okeny Maximiliano
“The sound quality is great. I was surprised to watch Kato on youtube. Good job Sandal Studio. We have hundreds of local artists in Gulu, Kitgum, Lira, Pader, Amuru other districts in the north playing local instruments but can’t afford audio and video recordings… Once again good job for elevating and promoting our local and gifted artists.”

“great sound. my lord…”

ilocha juba
“I simply cannot get enough of this great music.Thank you so much for the upload. Bless”

david ravin
“…My father used to have a tape containing most of this songs you posted on line but unfortunately,  The tape got damaged when we moved to the UK.  Thankfully I have been able to find most of it online because of your  kindness to exposed this genre by uploading it on a such  a popular website like You tube.   Anyway,  thanks for your work ! Deeply appreciate it!”

francis san openy
“Great song, great message excellent instrumental…..”

“Hey continue to bring more this world is one you remind me  a lot bro.”

Samuel OKello
“I still remember that song and how we used to record it on tapes whenever it was played on Radio Freedom!!!”

demai tonny
“Opira you are very right, land issue has made many people in our region to die. It will still continue unless we hear messages coming from you and others! I think in a way God’s talking to us all through your music!”

James Bita
“At long last Opira Morise Kato came out, been a long time. Thanks Scandal Studios for bringing him back. He is one of the best composers in Acoli…I love this guys songs, full of teaching.”

“Thank you so much for posting these videos. I have been watching and enjoying very much since you first posted Opira’s videos. Is there a way to get a message across to Opira and let him know he has fans all the way in Boston Massachusetts. His music is uplifting and inspirational. His home made electric adungu  sounds amazing. I blast the music as loud as my stereo allows. I wanted to thank him for such beautiful music. Thank you for the amazing video quality and sound. Please relay this message to Opira and thank him for me if possible.”

“Thank you for all of the great music you uploaded. Wish you best & god bless you in everything you do. Both of you have a safe journey back home to Holland. Sincerely Oyoo.”

Flavia Adokorach
“Thank you very much for these wonderful videos. I have always wanted to see the man behind the powerful songs I listened to growing up. It’s very unfortunate that the Acholi lost such great talent but Opira’s music will leave on in the hearts of the people that found comfort in his songs. Watching Opira play the adungu and sing in these videos brings memories of home. Opira, Rubanga ogwok tipu ni.”

Oloya Peter Paul
“…I just cant stop saying thank you  to Scandal Studios for keeping [Opira] alive through this and many quality recordings done…Evert i feel like i have met you already …..well done am so sad.”

“Thanks once again for this clip It reminds me of 1990s”