A tribute to Opira Morise Kato

With deep sorrow we received the news that Opira Morise Kato has passed away in Opete, Kitgum, on April 24th 2015.

We are so lucky and honoured to have been able to know Opira. To listen to him. To learn from him. He was one of the most engaged and kind artists we have ever met. While playing on his self made electric adungu, he addressed important issues such as alcohol abuse, escaping from the rebels, gender based violence and land wrangles. His songs illustrate what it feels like to be a ‘displaced person’, the struggles involved in returning home after living in camps and the importance of education.

Opira once said about the importance of music “Music can let me forget problems. Music can teach people. Music can let people enjoy”. We know that his music will continue to inspire, comfort, educate, create new connections and evoke memories all over the world.

Northern Uganda will not be the same without Opira Morise Kato.
We will truly miss him.

We extend our most heartfelt sorrow and condolences to Lilly, the children and other family members and friends. Although we are far in distance, our hearts are with you.


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